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Reaching the campus

Here is a campus map with

Train / bus

The campus may be reached by bus from both train stations "Chambéry Challes-les-eaux" and "Aix-les-Bains le Revard".

From Chambéry, take bus A towards INSEEC. (Warning: the other direction is "Université Jacob", but that's another campus, on the other side of Chambéry!)

There are plenty of buses, at least during the day: here is the timetable.


There is a small airport in Chambéry, but Lyon, Geneva and Grenoble get more flights. And they have efficient shuttles to Chambéry. The ones from Lyon even make a stop on campus.


From Chambéry, take the fast road to "Le Bourget-du-Lac", and get out at "Le Bourget-du-Lac, campus scientifique".


Bikes may be rent at "vélostation", near Chambéry train station. There is a bicycle path ("voie verte") to the campus, of about 12km. Vélostation has maps of bicycle paths.


Participants can ask for a student room during registration. In case too many participants ask for a student room, priority will be given to students. This has the advantage of being very cheap and right on campus. The disadvantage is that this is on campus and that not many things happen there at nights. (But hey, (1) we're here to work, and (2) we can make things happen...)

Here are a few suggestions for accomodation:


Lunch is not organised (to be confirmed).

Here are a few suggestions:


You should be able to connect to Eduroam.