Spheres by C. Raffalli


Install OCaml (tested with 3.12) with LablGL (tested with 1.02) and compile the source spheres.tgz with make.


Initial version. Can not replay games between versions compiled with OCaml 3.12 and 3.11 due to a change in the random generator of OCaml.
The source is now a tar archive with multiple file. It uses its own very small random generator and do not save by default game on the server.


To play, just run the command ... the game immediately starts. You must use the arrow key to avoid the spheres coming toward you. Precisely, the center of the cross in the middle of the screen should not be touched by a sphere. Your movement are limited inside a square and the middle cross visualize this information too. You can use the q of End keys to abort the game. The following options are available: The following keys works during the game:


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